We are a private practice serving the Seattle area for more than a decade, conveniently located in the North Capitol Hill neighborhood, committed to helping clients and communities experiencing communication challenges with compassion, competence and creativity.

Deborah Cooper, California and Washington State Licensed, Nationally Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.”
— Tony Buzan


Medical & Consultative Services

We provide diagnostic, treatment and consultative services to individuals, children and adults, groups,  agencies, and communities with reading, writing, communication, swallowing, and executive function disorders.

Elective Services

These services may not be considered “medically necessary”.  Accent Modification is deemed an elective service.


Language refers to the sounds, syllables, words and discourse we  strategically use to communicate, think, and learn.  Disorders in language may manifest in processing, sequencing, understanding and speaking, reading and writing and social communication.  Dyslexia is a language-based reading disorder to which Speech-Language Pathologists are uniquely skilled to practice prevention, assessment and intervention.

Organization & Executive Function

Organization refers to how we classify, arrange  and retrieve information from the smallest unit  of sound to conversation to the space and materials in our environment. A person with difficulties in this area may have problems organizing their thoughts for cohesive expression in all areas of language and living.  Executive Function refers to the skills people use to plan, organize, problem-solve, and set and achieve goals in their daily lives; dysfunction contributes to life, social and academic difficulties.

Accent Modification

Accent Modification is not a disorder, but an elective service individuals seek to modify, or change their  perceived accents or speech patterns.  We are  Certified PESL-Instructors.  comptonpeslonline.com

Speech and Swallowing

Speech is how we say sounds and words using our lips, tongue and jaw. Speech includes: Articulation, Voice and Fluency. Speech Disorders may present with difficulties in any or all of these areas. Swallowing, an important part of drinking and eating, is the complex process of the same articulators we use for speech to receive food into the mouth, prepare it, and move it from the mouth to the stomach. Tongue-thrust is a common swallowing disorder or reversed swallow, which may also contribute to speech impairments.

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